Changes to the DUG front page

A lot has changed here on the Dynamics User Group since our upgrade last month. Not really so much in the "core" applications, such as the forums and the blogs.

But the front page has been changing several times, first from something which is more or less standard and not really very specific for our users, into what we have now, which I think is very much what the users are requesting. A frontpage that put focus on our "core" applications: the forums and the blogs and less focus on sponsors, books, jobs and other not so important issues (but still important as they are the basis for covering the costs of running this site). The changes includes that you now can post to the forums directly from the front page!

The most recent changes also includes moving information specific to the individual member to a new "DASHBOARD" page. Here you can now find list over "Your Friends", "Your Forum Posts", "Your Favorites", "Your..." etc.

I'm not entirely done with the modifications to the front page. But the changes you're going to see the next couples of weeks will primarily be changes to optimize the current layout, so that we don't have that many "empty spaces" in areas where it doesn't make sense.


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