Blogging with Windows Live Writer

More and more users are blogging about Microsoft Dynamics. Not only here on the Dynamics User Group but everywhere. And to help people with many blogs and people who just like to do the “work” offline and then publish, then Microsoft has created the Windows Live Writer (WLW) as a part of their Windows Live Suite.

Last year David Singleton wrote a splendid blog about creating a blog directly from word. That was before Windows Live Writer was released. I don’t really know how many are actually using Word for this purpose. But I know that some users are very happy with Windows Live Writer for this. This post here will not be as fancy and colorful as David’s post. But in my opinion it is also much easier to use WLW for this, than Microsoft Word.

In fact the below guide can be used for any blog using Community Server (2007-2008).

Here is how to do it

When you start up Windows Live Writer you must first select what service the blog is using. And here on we are using Community Server (Telligent). That means that you must select “Other blog service”.


Then you must enter you blog URL. You see for my own on DUG it’s

And then your DUG username and password.


Next WLW will start checking your blog (if the username/password is correct etc.).


As a part of this WLW will ask you to post a control post to the blog. Say yes to this.


Then you must select what the blog type is. Here you must select “Community Server” from the list.

You must also enter the name of the “Remote posting URL” for your blog. WLW will suggest – please add your blog directory to this like in my example it will be suggest


Now you’re almost done. You just need to edit the name you want the blog listed as on your PC.



Then it’s just to start blogging. Write your blog posts. Add you pictures (just drop them into Windows Live Writer and they’ll be uploaded to your blog). And when done, just hit publish.

That’s it!   Happy blogging.


PS: If you don’t already have a blog here at then please contact me and I’ll setup one for you. Please ask any questions about the “act of blogging” in the “Bloggers Forum” here on the user group.


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  • BTW Erik, not sure why you say "But it's sure easier to setup to do it" its exactly the some setup. Same fields same details.

    So far though Live Writer does look better for Blog management. If we can just work out the hosting of photo albums.

  • Actually Dave, one thing that amazes me is that there is absolutely no decent software to create web based photo albums. The only thing that comes close is Picasa, but again I want to retain owner ship of my photos, thus want to host them. I see you have the same issue on your site that the albums are very basic.

    It would be great if Google would license Picasa to run on private web sites. (and without adds of course).

  • Great tool but it is not just for Blogging, there are many website templates where the content can be uploaded via WLW, this is good if you run your company website and want the department head to update a specific area of data from their desktop.

    I have 4 websites 1 for Dynamics NAV and 3 for my hobby which is photography, all of these are on the Opensource DotNetNuke platform with SQL backends, and the content I can allow different users to upload with WLW from their desktop, without even visiting the website.

    My DNN Dynamics NAN website:

    One of my DNN Photography sites:


  • I'm not saying it's actually better than word. But it's sure easier to setup to do it. And easier to user IMHO.

    You can download it here:

    but I think that when you install Windows Live Messenger that it's one of the programs that Microsoft installs more or less by default (I think you can tell it not to do so), together with Windows Live Call, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

    But if people want me to, then I can post another post with a few more details about Windows Live Writer.

  • Sounds interesting, ...

    But what is it? Where do we get it from? Most importantly what does it offer that is better than word?

    Could you post some details about the actual program it self.