ASCII: A thing from the past? Not in Dynamics NAV!

ASCII means American Standard Code for Information Interchange, and was a standard 7-bit computer character set developed in 1960. When MSDOS was developed, ASCII was the standard. And thus it was the standard in Navision.

Today most Windows applications uses ANSI, an 8-bit character set, which is a character set in it's base identical to ASCII.

If you live in a country with only English characters, then you're most likely not even aware of this being a problem.

But if you, like me, comes from Denmark, then it's something you always have to consider, whenever you import or export data from Dynamics NAV. Otherwise our local characters are not displayed correctly.

Thus most of us have a Ansi2Ascii and Ascii2Ansi converter in our NAV toolbox.


Isn't it about time that Dynamics NAV becomes easier to integrate to other applications and starts using ANSI as the standard? Customers, who still needs ASCII, can continue to use the converter, or it could be a setting in the server.


Sadly it's not always possible to use XMLPorts, because here you can specify if you want to use MSDOS (ASCII) or Windows (WINDOWS) as your character set.

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