A sexy company name?

As I announced in my previous blog post, then I've decided to start a new company after I have left ISS. And if you visited the website then you'll also know that I decided to call the company Dynamics Experts, as the plan was to setup company uniting some of the best and britest experts in the Microsoft Dynamics world.

I thought that the name was great. And so did some of the people I've consulted regarding the setup. I actually still thinks that the name is great.

But one thing that I didn't consider was the domain name. I registered DynamicsExperts.net - so that it "matches" DynamicsUser.net - and it would have been so good.

They say boys think about sex all between 10-30 times per hour. But I must admit I never thought about sex in connection to setting up the company. But yesterday I was informed that the mails I had been sending a friend from my new domain had been picked up by his spam filter. The reason is that the domain name has sex in it: dynamicsexperts.net. And many spam filters simply takes all emails containing sex and dumps it into the junk mail folder.

So what to do now? Changing the domain name to dynamics-experts.net, would be an option - but I really don't like domain names with a dash ("-"). So I'm now considering to change the company name. At least I didn't register it as a Ltd company yet. And changing the website is not so difficult. 

But I would love to hear your suggestions. Do you have a suggest to a great company name?

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