A sexy company name?

As I announced in my previous blog post, then I've decided to start a new company after I have left ISS. And if you visited the website then you'll also know that I decided to call the company Dynamics Experts, as the plan was to setup company uniting some of the best and britest experts in the Microsoft Dynamics world.

I thought that the name was great. And so did some of the people I've consulted regarding the setup. I actually still thinks that the name is great.

But one thing that I didn't consider was the domain name. I registered DynamicsExperts.net - so that it "matches" DynamicsUser.net - and it would have been so good.

They say boys think about sex all between 10-30 times per hour. But I must admit I never thought about sex in connection to setting up the company. But yesterday I was informed that the mails I had been sending a friend from my new domain had been picked up by his spam filter. The reason is that the domain name has sex in it: dynamicsexperts.net. And many spam filters simply takes all emails containing sex and dumps it into the junk mail folder.

So what to do now? Changing the domain name to dynamics-experts.net, would be an option - but I really don't like domain names with a dash ("-"). So I'm now considering to change the company name. At least I didn't register it as a Ltd company yet. And changing the website is not so difficult. 

But I would love to hear your suggestions. Do you have a suggest to a great company name?

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  • Dynavex

    Stand for Dynamics Nav Experts.

  • LOL.

    It could be worse! I remember when experts-exchange.com was originally expertsexchange.com which has a whole different meaning.

    How about dynamicsgurus.com?

  • Hi, I read your post, then I went into my kitchen doing something for 15 minutes and thought about it..... I say NO. I think the name is right and says everything (not too long and not too short) about you and your company.

    Have luck!

  • Oooops, IMHO choosing company name is the thoughest task when starting new company.

    I know it by own experience. We had all documents prepared, but couldn't register our company as there was only one ReplaceAll left - "ourcompany" to...  This "to" part took us almost three months.

    So, serious help I can't offer for you, but as it's Friday evening now :)

    A quote follows, it's not from my personal experience:

    Our QA department had built a number of manual test case simulations for functionality and load testing.

    Our project was to automate the exchange of the simulations during testing...thus, I proposed project SEX (Simulations EXchanger). The acronym spread like wildfire, and employees of several departments were overheard to ask: "Do we need SEX?" and "Is it time for SEX?" during product, system, and load testing of releases.

    (HR had a fit, fearing harassment suits, but a Sr. VP with a great sense of humor backed it as a valid acronym and overruled HR's ban on the term.

    Another unforeseen repercussion was having to modify the company's custom email 'banned words' filters to permit the use of the acronym when used with all caps....)

  • dynamicsXperts.net


  • Hi Erik,

    I think the company name is strong so I wouldn't change it just for the web address.  Have you though about abbrieviated web address e.g. dexperts.net which have an added advantage of sounding like "The Experts" in English

  • expertsDynamics.net is could be the option to make the domain.


  • DynamicsMasters? DynamicsWizards? :-)

  • DynamicsWizards? DynamicsMasters?

  • Oooops, sorry for the double posting!

  • Hi Erik,

    Added a comment last week but must have been lost.

    I think the company name is strong and would be a shame to lose it.  Have to thought above changing the web address.  One suggestion is to use dexperts.net which has the added advantage of sounging like "The Experts" in English

  • Thanks everybody. And thank you Dave, I don't know why your post was actually posted, when all the others where marked as spam (because of the s.e.x.y. title!).

  • I think Rashed's suggestion is the best.