2009 here we come

First a Happy New Year 2009 to all the readers and members.

2008 has been a year of big surprises. Who would have thougth that a world wide financial crisis would hit when the year started out? Who believed that a the citizens of the USA would have elected their first black president? And who believed that Microsoft actually would release Dynamics NAV 2009 and Dynamics AX 2009 as promissed?

What will happen in 2009? Well nobody can really tell, can they? So I'm not really going to try!

What I can tell is how I expect to see this site evolve!

The Dynamics User Group now counts over 32000 members. In avarage we have arround 5000 unique visitors per day. That's in about 1000 more per day than in 2007.

In 2008 we upgraded the site to Community Server 2008.5, which added new functionality such as Wikis (wikipedias). In 2009 we hope that this will grow and that all the members will start contributing to this. Either by adding new pages or contributing to existing pages. And when Telligent is going to release Community Server 2009 many new things will be added, such as content management, better messaging, mobile theme (so that you can better use the site from your mobile device). And hopefully we can also make use of Facebook Connect.

As to the other areas of this site and this blog, then I would love to hear what you would like to see. Inspired by Vjeko's blog (http://navigateintosuccess.com/blog/where-will-this-blog-navigate-in-2009) I would like to ask what topics you think are most important for 2009 on the Dynamics User Group. What do you really want to see here:

  • General information and news about Dynamics (NAV 2009, AX 2009 etc.)
  • Specialist information about Dynamics (development, SQL Server, technical implementation)
  • General ERP / CRM information and news
  • How to improve your iImplementation methodology (RIM, Sure Step etc.)
  • Dynamics related Project Management
  • Business process improvement suggestions
  • You tell me

Of cause the key stone of the user group will remain: The Forums. But if you do have suggestion to how we can make this even better, then please let me know how.

Another thing I look forward to do in 2009 is to read David Roys and Vjekoslav Babić's new book Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. It warmed my old Navision heart to see all the new books about Dynamics NAV released in 2008 (Daves book about NAV development and Renes technical book about NAV 5.0 SP1). It seams like more books are going into the press in 2009.

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