20 years of Dynamics communities

In October 1995 I was a young Navision developer living in New Jersey, US. While working for one of the first Navision partners in the New York (Business Management International), I really missed the Bulletin Board System ran by Navision Denmark, open only to Danish partners. So I started a online mailing list. One of those where when you sent a mail to the address, then it was automatically send to everybody else on the list. I think I had the email of may 10 people working with Navision. Emails were not that common in 1995. They became the first members of Navision Online User Group. But within a few months it grew fast. And then you know most of the story.

After being know under the name Navision User Group (navision.net), we were called Microsoft Business Solutions User Group (mbsonline.org). Today over 180,000 mostly NAV and AX users have signed up as a member of Dynamics User Group. There are over 100,000 users visiting our web site every month, asking or answering questions about Microsoft Dynamics, or finding answers in our more 250,000 posts. Or learning from the blogs or documentation on the site.

It has been 20 years of ups and downs. Our success in the early 2000’s made our web server fail again and again.

In 2006 we moved to Community Server, the community system we are using to run the site. In 2011 an error started causing IIS to crash many times per hour, resulting in huge timeouts on the site, when the server was restarting.  Since upgrading at that time was impossible, I spend numerous amount of hours, on finding a replacement. And until 2 weeks ago I had been actually been ready to drop everything, but the forums (blogs, downloads etc.). That was until I found one of Telligents old employees, who offered to help us out. In 2 hours he were able to identify and implement a workaround preventing the error from happing again.

So the last 2 weeks dynamicsuser.net has been running faster than ever! Additionally I can now announce that an upgrade of our current web platform, will be upgraded to the newest version Telligent Community 9.0 in Q1 2016. With all our current sections organized after product (AX, NAV etc.), more or less like you see it on Microsoft’s Dynamics Community site. But of course much better!

I would like to thank everybody who either is or have been an active part of Navision Online User Group, Microsoft Business Solutions User Group or Dynamics User Group. Many of the current Dynamics MVP’s started their “raise to the top” as bloggers or moderators with us.  Without you there had been no Dynamics User Group. And thanks to our sponsors, they are also an important reason why we have been able to continue for so many years.

May Dynamics User Group have another 20 years! Smile


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