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  • Aphorisms about Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Version Manager shows off at Directions NA in Las Vegas

    Thank you for four hectic days in Las Vegas, Nevada. We took Version Manager out for a spin at Directions NA, and the interest was fantastic. Using the functionality of Version Manager to help the company SOX compliance, has proven to be a great idea. In 2002, the United States Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) to protect shareholders and the general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices…
    • 2019-5-11
  • NAV seen by Amol: Cumulative Update Summary May 2019

    Cumulative Update includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 CU 17 :- NAV 2018 CU17 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 CU 30 :- NAV 2017 CU 30 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 CU... Read the full text.
    • 2019-5-11
  • Waldo's Blog - Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Directions US 2019 – I appear to have work to do …

    I’m returning back from yet another great Directions US event in Las Vegas this time. At this point – I’m sitting in the lounge in New York – a great opportunity to do a short post about something I didn’t really expect, and now I’m quite obligated to do.. . I total, I did about 13 hours of sessions and workshops. That’s a lot. I never was busier – mainly because of Vjeko, who couldn’t join this year, and where I agreed…
    • 2019-5-10
  • Dynamics NAV urpok: Report 795 Adjust Cost - Item Entries performance issues

    We have been recently seeing some performance issues with the notorious Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job. Currently we have a customer who has NAV 2015 with a serial number tracking set to a couple of items, which is normally no issue at all. Upgrade to later version, probably Business Cen...
    • 2019-5-9
  • Van Vugt's dynamiXs: A book, conferences and workshops

    If you read my book and want to confront me live, or too lazy to read it (yet) and want to hear me speaking or teaching, or you did not get to buy the book yet, you will have a number of chances to do so: May 18, 2019, 365 Saturday Amsterdam 2019 , Netherlands I wil present Test Automation for Business Central . May 24, 2019, Days of Knowledge , Odense, Denmark I wil be presenting with Erik Ernst and Palle…
    • 2019-5-7
  • Van Vugt's dynamiXs: A book and the things unsaid

    You might not have noticed anything about it yet, but after 260 hours, spread over 5 months, of designing, coding, writing, and reviewing on my side, my first book , and the first book on test automation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central has been released last week. Finally, a wish came true, an ambition, started probabably back in 2011 with my series on NAV and Test-Drive Development . Having…
    • 2019-5-7
  • Mark Brummel: Programming Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Sixth Edition

    It’s a wrap. After 9 months of work the latest edition of the programming book is finished. This is the sixth edition but the first to be AL only. A very specific choice that I made when I started on the project. And a bit of a gamble since I was unsure how long C/Side would last when we started. When you buy the book you will recognise the script and programming examples. This is unchanged and based on the…
    • 2019-5-4
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Dynamics 365 Business Central: AppSource demystified

    When you develop solutions for Dynamics 365 Business Central , you have essentially two roads for your extensions: Release it as a per-tenant extension (PTE) Release it on AppSource I’ve talked a lot in the past months about per-tenant extensions, their release process (pros and cons) and the pains connected to it. Per-tenant extensions should be seen as “customizations” developed directly for a customer tenant…
    • 2019-5-3
  • Research – Develop – Share – Repeat: Item Picture- Webservice

    Hey Friends, I was just working on an assignment where I got the need of the customer like they want the Item Picture via web service. Another validation they put in was they don’t want the item picture to be saved on any particular directory instead they want on fly. So now in standard NAV 2018...
    • 2019-5-1
  • Freddy's Blog: Windows 10 1903 (and Business Central Containers)

    Some weeks ago, I read about Windows 10 1903 in a blog post from Mike Fortin here: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2019/04/04/improving-the-windows-10-update-experience-with-control-quality-and-transparency . Since general rolllout wasn’t until May, I decided to wait until after Directions NA to do my update. 1903 was made available on MSDN and internally for people who wanted to update early and I didn…
    • 2019-5-1
  • NAV seen by Amol: How to search Pages using Additional Search Terms in Business Central

    All of you aware of ‘ Tell Me ‘ features of business central where you can search pages ,reports by key in name . Today we will see how to search page apart from default page name . To achieve this we need to add additional parameters in list pages as follows Compile the object and... Read the full text.
    • 2019-4-30
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Dynamics 365 Business Central and per-tenant extensions: check page control names between platform upgrades

    I’ve talked a lot in the past about pros and cons of per-tenant extensions  (PTE) in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Despite Microsoft’s guidance (use AppSource) this is actually the most common way for partners to deploy their extensions on a SaaS environment and this is the recommended way for developing specific customizations for a customer tenant. Unfortunately, the partner’s live with the per-tenant extensions…
    • 2019-4-29