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  • Robberse: Hyper-V isolation to the rescue?

    A few days ago a Windows update rolled out that broke pipelines all over the place and the suggested workaround is to use hyper-v isolation instead of process isolation so that the container is not affected by whatever happened on the host. In addition to Freddy’s blog about what happened and how to fix it , there are a few things you need to know about hyper-v isolation on Windows Server and that switching to hyper-v…
    • 2020-2-16
  • Aphorisms about Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The book about the Modern client is finally here - Almost

    Now the book is finally sent to the printers and will be ready in a week. The e-book however, is already here. It ended up being 166 pages about the new book, and it will be followed-up with a labs-collection for the Modern Client. The Table of contents ended up to be: Introduction to the Modern client and RoleCenters The Lifecycle of a Role Center The Role Center Business Central Keyboard Shortcuts…
    • 2020-2-15
  • Freddy's Blog: hyperv isolation to the rescue!

    February 11th 2020 On this date, the February security updates for Windows was released, and over the next days, Windows 10 computers and Windows Servers all over the world would receive this update. I am a true believer in securing my Windows Computers and my Windows Servers and would never leave my servers unprotected so I follow the guidelines and update my machines. 99% of the time this works flawlessly and just…
    • 2020-2-14
  • think about IT: How Do I: Add a Drill-Through to See Records in Power BI Desktop?

    Imagine you have created an amazing Power BI report that summarizes information using different visuals. Power BI Desktop lets you build advanced queries, models, and reports that visualize data and the idea is that the individual records that come from your data source are aggregated and summarized in your report, giving you the possibility to see the big picture. Let’s look at an example, where we import information…
    • 2020-2-13
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Dynamics 365 Business Central: obsoleting events

    I’ve written a lot in the past about handling breaking schema changes on extensions and the best practice to use the ObsoleteState object property to signal to your developers or third-party ISV users of your extensions that you’re planning to remove something in your codebase. You can find articles here and here . Today I want to write a quick post for talking about events and about a worst practice that I see…
    • 2020-2-13
  • NAV seen by Amol: How to Substitute Report in Business Central

    Today we will see how we can substitute our own document report with Standard report in business central. To override report we need to use ReportManaagement Codeunit and from that we need to use OnAfterSubstituteReport event Suppose we have created own customize report called ‘Detail... Read the full text.
    • 2020-2-12
  • Research – Develop – Share – Repeat: Cross-Dock

    Hey Folks, Once you go deep dive into Advance Warehousing then there’s many thing that comes into picture and Cross Dock is one of those method which could be very widely used once you experience this functionality and in today’s post am gonna explain this to you. Cross Dock is one of the most effective...
    • 2020-2-11
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Learning DevOps for Dynamics 365 Business Central developers

    In the next months Microsoft Western Europe has planned a series of one-day training events for helping Dynamics 365 Business Central partners on improving their development process by applying DevOps techniques. Official announcement is here: Dear Microsoft partner, Learn how to manage and ensure development lifecycle in the new world of continuous development using the latest tools and best practices. Join…
    • 2020-2-11
  • think about IT: How Do I: Create a Report based upon a Query?

    Performance wise it can be very interesting to use query objects as a data-source in a report (or any other object). Imagine you want to create a report that shows the top X records from a table, let’s say for example Customers, then creating a report dataset with a top-x filtering can be very cumbersome. An example is available in report 111 Customer – Top 10 List. Here you see that in order to calculate the top…
    • 2020-2-10
  • Van Vugt's dynamiXs: From a testing mindset to a Quality Assurance-based mindset

    Together with Global Mediator we start a series of blogposts about QA for Dynamics channel. The idea was born when both I and my Global Mediator friends came to the same conclusion: test automation is still not really taking off in the Dynamics NAV/BC world, let alone quality assurance. So we sat down and started a joined project which we baptised: QA, the ugly duckling . Through this we want to sharpen our minds and…
    • 2020-2-10
  • Roberto Stefanetti's NAV Blog: Business Central – How to make it go FAST!

    Business Central – How to make it go FAST! Microsoft in late January and early February published a series of pages on Microsoft Docs dedicated to performance with Business Central (On-premise, Cloud) . They are all very interesting, in particular, I want to report this page because it is very interesting for functional consultants (as in my case) more than for technicians; these are the things we repeat daily to our…
    • 2020-2-9
  • NAV seen by Amol: Cumulative Update Summary February 2020

    Cumulative Update includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC 2019 Spring CU9 :- BCSpring2019CU9 Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC October’18 CU16 :- BCOctober2018CU 16 Microsoft Dynamics... Read the full text.
    • 2020-2-8