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  • Aphorisms about Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Mousepads for Business Central

    Now they are here, and they look awesome. New mousepads for Business Central. Now you can have the shortcuts "always at hand" You can get three different mousepads: Keyboard shortcuts for developing AL extensions in Visual Studio code: English Business Central shortcuts for the Modern client (Only Release Wave 2): Danish Business Central shortcuts for the Modern client (Only Release Wave 2): You…
    • 2020-1-26
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Dynamics 365 Business Central: handling BLOB fields on APIs

    I’m not a big fan of using BLOB fields on the Dynamics 365 Business Central database, but there are many scenarios where you need to handle BLOBs inside the database directly. As an example, imagine to have an application that handles different types of labels related to items and these labels are stored inside the Dynamics 365 Business Central database in a table called Labels . This table is defined as following…
    • 2020-1-24
  • Kauffmann @ Dynamics NAV: Contest: find the secret value in a Business Central app

    This is the first blog post about shipping a secret value in a Business Central app. I have prepared an app file that contains a secret value that will be stored into Isolated Storage. But I’m not 100% if this method is secure enough, and that’s why I need your help. Please, download the app file and find the secret value. If you succeed, then I need to harden it. If nobody can find the value then that either means nobody…
    • 2020-1-23
  • Waldo's Blog : AppSourceCop & mandatoryAffixes

    I recently blogged about how to rename files with my VSCode Extension to comply with the new filename conventions from Microsoft . Somewhat related to that, we need to talk about … Pre- or Suffixing It’s been known for a while: pre-or suffixing is necessary to “live in the cloud”. It prevents duplicate names in various places: duplicate table names, duplicate field names .. things like that. It is actually…
    • 2020-1-23
  • Waldo's Blog : VSCode & Snippets

    I did a poll recently during one of my sessions – and I was surprised that about half of the people don’t regularly use “snippets” in VSCode.. . Well, some of you probably know that I’m a big fan of snippets. Whoever has joined one of my sessions of the last couple of years where I was talking about VSCode, or was working with VSCode .. most probably, I was talking about, showing or using snippets. Honestly…
    • 2020-1-20
  • NAV seen by Amol: Cumulative Update Summary January 2020

    Cumulative Update includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Business Central Wave 2:- BUSINESS CENTRAL Wave 2 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 CU 25 :-  NAV2018CU25 Microsoft Dynamics... Read the full text.
    • 2020-1-20
  • Kauffmann @ Dynamics NAV: How to use the Excel Buffer in Business Central cloud

    A week ago, my friend Daniel asked a question on Twitter how to use the Excel Buffer to export data with Business Central online. Many functions on the Excel Buffer are only available for on-prem. When you change the target in app.json to ‘Cloud’ then those functions become unavailable. Luckily I had a code example available so I decided to put that on GitHub . But I thought it would make sense to write a blog post…
    • 2020-1-18
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Executing your .exe tasks on a Cloud environment by using Azure Functions

    I think that many of you on your Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central projects have tasks executed by using console applications (.exe) scheduled by using Windows Task Scheduler or other systems. This works good for on-premise environments (just take your .exe application, create a new schedule with Windows Task Scheduler and you’re ready to go), but what about using these .exe applications on a SaaS environment…
    • 2020-1-17
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Microsoft Ignite The Tour – Milan

    Microsoft Ignite The Tour  brings the very best of  Microsoft Ignite  to a city near you. The tour provides technical training led by Microsoft experts and your community. You’ll learn new ways to build solutions, migrate and manage infrastructure, and connect with local industry leaders and peers. This big Microsoft conference is coming to Milan on January 27–28, 2020 at Milano Convention Centre. This year at Microsoft…
    • 2020-1-16
  • Mohana's Dynamics NAV Blog: End of Mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

    January 14, 2020 marks the end of mainstream support for Microsoft dynamics NAV 2015. We will not get any new regulatory features or hotfixes for this version anymore. Please note the date, April 13, 2021 will be end of mainstream support for Dynamics NAV 2016. Please migrate your NAV versions to D365...
    • 2020-1-16
  • Aphorisms about Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Book - Introduction to the Modern Client in Business Central

    Some people take vacations far away in the Christmas holiday, but not me. I decided to start the new year by writing a new book: Introduction to the Modern client in Business Central The book cover the new features introduced with Business Central Release Wave 2 and the Modern client. In spite of the new name, the client was not completely unknown because it was built on the foundation of the web-client that…
    • 2020-1-13
  • Mark Brummel: Working on Design Patterns for Business Central

    Yesterday at Microsoft I had two meetings, or goals. The first as you know was about our initiative to do a proof of concept to break the BaseApp into smaller extensions. The second meeting was about revamping the old Design Patterns we had for Dynamics NAV and bringing them up to speed for Business Central. For those of you who don’t know or to refresh memories; a few years ago there was a joint project between…
    • 2020-1-10