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  • Van Vugt's dynamiXs: Test Automation Examples - Example Three

    A couple of months ago I introduced here my GitHub project Test Automation Examples when I had just finished the first example as a spinoff of my new online course. And around that time I started with example 2 . Test wise this one was a bit too ambitious and as a consequence it is still waiting to be completed. Hopefully somewhere during my long summer recess I get it done. Meanwhile, at my major employer, I designed…
    • 2020-6-27
  • Dynamics NAV urpok: Business Central Spring 2019 Update (BC14) CU13 TearDown

    Cumulative Update 13 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central April'19 on-premises (Application Build 14.14.43294, Platform Build 14.14.43286) TearDown Just a quickie this time, this update is really small and concentrates on fixing some quirks in the system. This update does not require database...
    • 2020-6-10
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Dynamics 365 Business Central: obsoleting the WITH statement

    As you ever used the WITH clause in C/AL or AL language? There are lovers of this clause and there are developers that hate using this clause (I’m in this second category), but despite every personal opinion the WITH clause is widely used in code and also in the Microsof’s Base Application. As announced at the Dynamics 365 Business Central Virtual Event, Microsoft is continuously evolving the platform and their…
    • 2020-6-3
  • Mark Brummel: Are you ready to move forward “WITH”-out AL?

    Sometimes I just have to write my frustration away in order to clear my head. Don’t expect technical tips and tricks in this post, but maybe some inspiration. Today I was absolutely flabbergasted. Both on Twitter and on LinkedIn (I am a social media junky) there were actually threads about Microsoft removing the WITH statement in AL. I was litterally like OMG! Go spend your time on the future!! https://github…
    • 2020-6-2
  • Hougaard.com – Applied Hacking: Video Series: Web Services in AL

    In this series I’m building a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extension that talks with the US Postal Service for doing address verification. Episode 1, create the web service call: Stay tuned for the next episodes where I continue building this extension. When the extension is done, the source will Read the full text.
    • 2020-6-1
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Automating the creation of work items in Azure DevOps (from Powershell and from Dynamics 365 Business Central)

    If you’re using Azure DevOps in yor organization for the entire product lifecycle, you know for sure that you can handle also all your project management activities by using work items , boards , backlogs , sprints and so on. I’ve talked about that in the past here . What personally we use a lot internally is the Work Items feature. By using work items you can track anything, from a task to do, a feature to…
    • 2020-6-1
  • NAV seen by Amol: Embed Video in Business Central

    Last week my marketing manager asked me is it possible to embed product video in business central ? and my quick answer was YES. Here how we can add the video in business central. for this I created simple extension 1) Added on field to hold an video URL 2) Create one page extension... Read the full text.
    • 2020-6-1
  • Mark Brummel: Setting up Azure SQL Analytics (Preview) – Dynamics NAV

    Telemetry is everything, you cannot have enough data when users start asking you why the system is behaving differently than yesterday or performance is changing over time. This is where Azure SQL stands out from On Premises. You can get so much more data and in an easy way to analyse. However, you need to know where to find it because not everyting is setup automatically after you create a database. Some is…
    • 2020-5-30
  • Hougaard.com – Applied Hacking: Video: Tools I Use: AL CodeActions

    Check out my review of the awesome addition to Visual Studio Code to help with AL development, AL CodeActions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpd3hB-qh1E Read the full text.
    • 2020-5-29

    BUSINESS CENTRAL CONTROL ADD-INS Control add-in A “control add-in” is a custom control for displaying and modifying data within an iframe or a page. For example, a control add-in can display the content of a webpage, visualize data as a chart or on a map, or host a custom web application . Control add-in can respond to user interaction to raise events that execute additional AL code.   Control add-in properties In the…
    • 2020-5-28
  • think about IT: Quick Tip: How do I use Table Information in Power BI?

    Recently Microsoft added the Table Information page to Business Central. See here . And underlying are these objects: Table Information (8700, List) Table Information (2000000028) So I was thinking, hey let’s use this in Power BI. Then my first thought was to create a query object using the Table Information table as a data item, but unfortunately I got the following error: Damn…. But hey, there’s another…
    • 2020-5-27
  • Mark Brummel: Azure Application Insights 101

    In my series around Application Insights for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV this is probably the most booring one. However it is quite important. In order to teach you folks about KQL and the Application Insights API etc. Step 1 – Create Application Insights In your Azure Tenant search for Application Insights and select Add. There is not much to fill in here. The Resource Group is probably…
    • 2020-5-26