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  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Dynamics 365 Business Central: automatically import custom report layouts with extensions

    Do you love reports? Personally, NO! But that is, as a Business Central developer I think that sometimes (forced or not) you need to work with reports in your solutions. As a quick recap, in Dynamics 365 Business Central a report layout controls content and format of the report, including which data fields of a report dataset appear on the report and how they are arranged, text style, images, and more. From Business…
    • 2021-1-26
  • Vjeko.com: From JavaScript to AL and back: SkipIfBusy

    If you missed my From JavaScript to AL and back: SkipIfBusy live session on January 8, or if you simply prefer to read rather than watch, then this post is for you. As promised, I’ll follow up in writing on all my video blogs, so here we go. It all started with this tweet from Erik Hougaard: #BCALHelp #msdyn365bc If you use the skipIfBusy parameter on InvokeExtensibilityMethod – How do you see if it…
    • 2021-1-26
  • Hougaard.com – Applied Hacking: Handle any CSV file with the CSV Buffer

    In this video, I show to use the CSV Buffer to import an “unusual” CSV File using the CSV Buffer functionality. Read the full text.
    • 2021-1-25
  • Freddy's Blog: BcAuthContext

    The latest version of BcContainerHelper ( BcContainerHelper version 2.0.1 | Freddys blog ) comes with a new concept called a BcAuthContext. A BcAuthContext is really just a hashtable with authentication information for a Business Central online tenant. This blog post describes the concept and how to obtain and refresh a BcAuthContext. Subsequent blog posts will describe how to use them. A BcAuthContext…
    • 2021-1-25
  • MSDynamics.ES: Scripts de agente en Omnicanal para servicio al cliente

    Los scripts de agente facilitan la vida a los usuarios permitiendo automatizar las tareas más comunes que se pueden tener durante la interacción con un cliente. Ya que las necesidades del agente variarán en función del canal por el que se esté comunicando. Podemos encontrar el panel de los scripts de agente a nuestra derecha siempre y cuando estemos en una conversación: Dentro de los scripts de agente podemos…
    • 2021-1-25
  • Vjeko.com: A couple of ideas for HttpClient

    When invoking any REST web services, a lot of AL code mostly looks like this: procedure CallRESTFoo() var Client: HttpClient; Response: HttpResponseMessage; Body: Text; Json: JsonObject; begin Client.Get('https://foo.bar/', Response); Response.Content.ReadAs(Body); Json.ReadFrom(Body); // Process JSON body of the response... end; Of course, there are more things there, like headers or perhaps calling…
    • 2021-1-25
  • Freddy's Blog: BcContainerHelper version 2.0.1

    Version 2.0.1 of BcContainerHelper was shipped with a number of very exciting new featuers. This blog post will list the features and I will have to document them elsewhere. Run-AlPipeline and Compile-AppInBcContainer with -failOn ‘error’ will now mark a build as succeeded with Warnings if there are warnings in the build. New-BcContainer with -FilesOnly will create a container with no service tier, no sql database…
    • 2021-1-24
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Securing your Azure SQL Database with a private endpoint

    Some days ago I discussed with some partners the architecture of a possible datawarehouse system for external BI analysis connected to Dynamics 365 Business Central data. They created an Azure SQL database where a “data sync” with Dynamics 365 Business Central was in place and they perform BI analysis on this external database. The raised question was after this work was: can we protect our Azure SQL Database without…
    • 2021-1-22
  • MSDynamics.ES: Calendarios de canal en Microsoft Teams: toda la planificación a mano!

    Como sabrás en Microsoft Teams disponemos de calendarios compartidos para nuestros equipos, a los cuales podíamos acceder desde diferentes sitios (como Outlook). También podemos planificar nuestras reuniones en los canales, y esta cita se nos actualiza de forma automática en el calendario compartido del equipo, pero hasta ahora no disponíamos de la posibilidad de visualizar nuestras citas segregadas por canal…
    • 2021-1-22
  • Vjeko.com: Schedule for the period ahead

    Happy New Year everyone, with a little delay. I was busy in the first two weeks of this year preparing and delivering the “Leveraging Git” webinar. It turned out to be quite a success, but it also prevented me from doing my live session last Friday. But this short break doesn’t mean I am not going to get busy with my blog and live blog again. This is what’s coming up. Today, at 14:00 CET, I’ll go live…
    • 2021-1-22
  • Hougaard.com – Applied Hacking: Filters, Filters and more Filters

    Another video in my installment for beginners of AL. What are filters, how to construct filters. And also covering some more advanced topics such as FilterGroups and record marking. Read the full text.
    • 2021-1-21
  • Roberto Stefanetti's NAV Blog: Business Central enhanced emails

    Business Central enhanced emails This feature provides powerful and easy to set up email capabilities . It is possible to activate different scenarios such as support for multiple accounts, distribution groups and use better attachment management. It’s possible: – Activate different scenarios and assign them to different email accounts – Create manual emails – See the log of emails sent (Log) – Reopen…
    • 2021-1-20