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  • Robberse: The true story behind my build service for NAV/BC

    Usually, I write posts about a certain technical subject, but not today. Today I’ll tell you the true story behind my build service for NAV/BC and I hope I’ve challenged you by the time you reach the end of this post. Today is a good day, today the 1000th build ran on my CI service for Dynamics 365 BC/NAV and that feels like a huge achievement if I look back at how this all started. I initially came up with this idea…
    • 2019-6-18
  • Waldo's Blog : DevOps for AL – ALOps is ALive!

    Yes! I did it! I finally managed to created the blogpost that I have been wanting to put online for quite some time. I have been putting off a lot of other posts – just to be able to make this one happen asap! You might remember the post about Directions US 2019 – that I had some work to do . Well – let’s just say I’m trying to deliver on that promise – at least for 50% for now ;-). Namely, on – what I think – the…
    • 2019-6-18
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Dynamics 365 Business Central: using OData V4 Bound Actions

    I’ve promised this post to some attendees of my last Dynamics 365 Business Central development workshop in Microsoft Italy (c/o Microsoft House) last week. Question was: How can I call Dynamics 365 Business Central logic from an external application? Simple answer given by all: you can publish a codeunit as web service and use the SOAP endpoint. But if I want to use OData? You cannot publish a codeunit as an OData…
    • 2019-6-12
  • Robberse: Importing RapidStart packages with automation APIs demystified

    Last week, I was working on the final bits of a release pipeline for Business Central in Azure DevOps and all that was left was to import a couple of RapidStart packages in an automated (PowerShell) fashion. The only (future-proof) automated way of doing this is by using the automation APIs as described here . Seems do-able, right…? For the ones who’re not into reading the documentation (like me :D), we…
    • 2019-6-11
  • think about IT: Power BI Desktop June 2019 Feature Summary

    Hopefully, you are either enjoying the start of the Microsoft Business Applications Summit or watching all the exciting news and announcements on social media! To go along with all those other announcements, we, of course, also have a big update for our June update for Power BI Desktop. Amanda Cofsky Program Manager There are a lot of new features and updates to the existing features this month. Some…
    • 2019-6-10
  • think about IT: How Do I: Create a multi-company Power BI report with the Business Central connector?

    Imagine that you would like to build a report where you display the inventory by item by company: and you want to do this for Business Central (Saas) using the Power BI connector. Let’s see how that would normally go… Launch Power   BI Desktop and Get Data using the Business Central connector: In the prompt, authenticate with your Office 365 login (email and password). This connector then automatically connects…
    • 2019-6-8
  • Aphorisms about Microsoft Dynamics NAV: In Case of Fire

    Some time ago I saw this as a picture on LinkedIn. I thought it was such a good idea, that I started using it as a mantra during my AL Development workshop. Earlier we needed to rely on backups that could be up to a week old if they existed at all. Now using Visual Studio Code and Git together with GitHub or DevOps we have an excellent opportunity to get a close-to real time protection. But that is only if we implement…
    • 2019-6-8
  • Axians Infoma NAV Blog: Improvements to the Traefik usage with NAV/BC or why Open Source is awesome

    I had introduced the usage of Traefik with NAV/BC containers and also shared the integration into navcontainerhelper over the last couple of months. As always, there was room for improvement and to my delight Damien Duportal, Developer Advocate at Containous , the company behind Traefik, contacted me...
    • 2019-6-6
  • Stefano Demiliani's NAV Blog: Dynamics 365 Business Central: using DotNet assemblies on a Docker container sandbox

    I think that everyone of you already knows that calling custom .NET DLLs in your extension’s code is not supported in a SaaS environment, but you can still use .NET assemblies in your extensions if you explicitly target the on-premise world. You can do that by adding  “target”: “Internal” in your extension’s manifest file (app.json). This is not what I normally suggest to do on an extension (I always prefer to have…
    • 2019-6-4
  • Freddy's Blog: Debugging “hangs” in Business Central Spring 2019 RTM and CU1

    During the last week, we have seen an increasing number of people having issues with debugging in VS Code against a Docker Container running Business Central. At the same time, we had a LOT of people using VS Code and the debugger every day with absolutely no issue. The common denominator As always, when trying to find the root cause of things is to find the common denominator for the people who are having problems…
    • 2019-6-3
  • Axians Infoma NAV Blog: Traefik support for navcontainerhelper, the NAV ARM templates for Azure VMs and local environments

    I had recently written about the usage of traefik as reverse proxy for multiple Business Central containers on an Azure VM . While I tried to make that setup quite easy, as always there was room for improvement. With the help of Freddy Kristiansen I therefore implemented two additions to navcontainerhelper...
    • 2019-6-1
  • think about IT: Introducing Business Central Chat

    Recently I was ‘playing’ around in my Business Central instance when I noticed the following: At the right bottom of my tenant there’s: Ask us a question So I wondered what would happen when I would ask a question And to my surprise, a couple of minutes later I got these emails: I was amazed, someone answered my question. How cool is that! I should also notice that the Ask us a question feature only…
    • 2019-5-30