• How do I Enlarge Font Size for Dynamics GP

    I get this question a LOT and I personally wish I had a good and clear answer.  It's been asked widely online over the years.

    Since things change, I am asking again. 

    How do we effectively increase the font size for Dynamics GP text?  What #lifeHacks…

  • Welcome everyone

    Welcome everyone to the Dynamics GP Technical forum.

    Looking forward to some great discussions.

    David Musgrave MVP


  • Dynamics Con 2020

    Hey everyone.  We're hosting a virtual conference on September 8th and 9th.  Want to learn more?  Head to Dynamics Con 2020.

    Any one can submit a session to lead, in any language.  The presenters will get paid for presenting their topics.  Attendance is…

  • PowerBI view of top 3 Dynamics Community forum posts

     and I think PowerBI is amazing.  We also think DUG is amazing.  Why not combine the two?  Here's a tweet to a picture of a PowerBI dashboard showing DUG AX forum posts against community.dynamics.com posts and AXUG posts.  I'll try to dive into…

  • RE: Leaderboard

    Hi Guys,
    Well I actually took myself off the leader boards (except the overall on the frontpage). Wanted to get some new faces up there... And new members are no longer automatically friends with me, but everyone are of cause still welcome to friend-up…
  • RE: Combo Box off by one

    Martin, I also want to thank you for all your help. I think you have replied to every single one of my posts and I've learned so much in the last 2 weeks with your help. This lookup method is going to be huge. Thank you again and again!
  • Sunday update: Site updated. Search being reindexed.

    Yesterday, when almost no-one were online (Saturdays are the slowest days of the week here), then I took down the site and applied the latest hotfixes from Telligent. A process that all in all was the same as last time I did this, some weeks ago, when…

  • RE: New Dynamics AX Meetup in Southern California

    This is coming up soon. If you're interested, either ping me, , or click the Meetup link. It's free - come on out to Tustin!
  • RE: Go Live Planning

    I'm guessing that since this post was submitted over 8 years ago, that Merinaiti's company has already gone live.  Unless they're implementing SAP, and still trying to make it... :)

    Nevertheless this is a great question.  Many companies have…