• Activities of NAV DBA

    Hi All,

    Can you please provide a link to document having details of activities done by DBA on regular basis, activities done daily, weekly and monthly. If no such document exists, then please provide some insight in these activities.




  • Add fields to a table

    Hi this is my first post.

    I'm starting with Nav 2009, i have a developer license that allows me to rename fields but when i tried to add new fields to any table the following Message appears.

    "Your program license does not allow you to create the…

  • Can you download/export a Navision "report" to Excel?

    Gregory M. Urban
    U.S. Controller
    Operon Biotechnologies, Inc.
    2211 Seminole Drive
    Huntsville, Alabama 35805
    Phone: (256) 704-8167 x. 8167
    Fax: (256) 704-8188

  • dimension value code requirement

    Our process of posting our purchase orders require dimensions as well as tagging to what job no this transaction pertains to. In the purchase lines, we use G/L account type. In addition, we have defaulted in the G/L account cards a particular dimension…

  • Item setup

    Hi everyone,

    I want to set up a simple trading company in a Navision.The company purchases computers and accessories and resale it with a profit margin.I want to create computers and its accessories as items.I have designed chart of accounts with trading…

  • Real Beginner - First Post

    Just hoping for a few pointers as to where to start getting involved with Navision

    Our company is in the process of installing Navision and I will be required to

    a) Assist with training

    b) Develop Various Reports

    c) Extract data for various analysis…

  • The different between the course materials of Nav 2009 and nav 5.0


    I have been studying all the released course books about Nav 2009. since the remaining courses are not released yet. Is it possible to buy the books for Nav 5.0 while studying Nav 2009. The question with other words is, is the different between nav…

  • Why slow work NAVISION?

    Hi All,


    I have too much problem. (Sorry my language) First one is:


    I work Navision 5.0 , and my all data store in SQL Server2005. My client company is sales trading company. then too many sales every day.  almost 15 people have access. My problem…