• Change value for Field B when value for field A changes

    Hello Team,

    I would like a field (let's name it Field B) to change its value once a field on the same form (Field A) is changed.

    Field A: Region (Values: USA,Europe,Asia,Africa)

    Field B: Section (Values: Sect1,Sect2,Sect3,None)

    So, in detailed…

  • populate one fields with two fields

    Hello Team,

    I would like to combine values of two fields on a page to one text field. Following is the demonstration:

    On Customer form,

    Month (Data Type: Option (January, February,...))

    Year (Data Type: Option(2018,2019,2020,2021,...))

    Intake (Data Type…

  • Read this before you post your first question

    Welcome to the Dynamics NAV Developers Forum,

    This forum is for discussions and questions about development/customizations/modifications in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. So everything that involves C/Side (development environment), C/AL, report designer, RDLC…