• Actvate/Deactivate keys

    Hi, is there a way to activate/deactivate table keys without opening each of them in design mode, go to view keys, Check/uncheck the activate field and compile?
  • bi tool/reporting tool for navision

  • Database Size and user limitations on Navision

    Anyone running a Navision Database greater than 30GB with 240 concurrent users out there. Can the system handle this number of users / transactions or is it pushing the boundaries for the technology. Current system runs on a Citrix farm, using SQL...
  • Empty Date Formula field

    I would like to empty the field Item."Lead Time Calculation" for a selected number of items with a report. In the OnAfterGetRecord I wrote: Item."Lead Time Calculation" := 0D; MODIFY; However, this isn't allowed, because the types are different (DateFormula...
  • Excel automation and delete sheet

    I have set up an Excel automation routine that works very well thanks to the help of other NOLUG posts that I have read. The problem that I am having now, is that if I pass the command to delete a worksheet, it asks me to confirm that deletion. I would...
  • Hotfix 30623 & 30615 cause version conflict in RTC

  • How to "crack" my Navision database? I forgot my password!

    Please help! I ve forgot my password. Anybody knows the way to 'crack' navision database. I know about ????????, but cost of this ~200 USD. 200 USD from my salary. And more important - blowup from chief. I have got *.fdb file. User name...
  • how to convert database.fdb to database.mdf

  • How to find number of users on a given service tier

  • How to translate Home Page on RTC?

    Hi, all. We're working on translation of RTC. We have some success and now just need to translate RTC texts like Activities, Cues, so on in the Home Page and Role Center Page. How can i change this texts? Is there anybody tried that?
  • MRP and MPs.

    Hi experts, Thank you to everybody who are giving a good support to me. I gone through the manufacturing manual . I could not understand the what is exact difference between MRP and MPs. could any body explain with example . thanks...
  • Problem in user permissions

    hi all i need your help plez i have nav 5 (c\side) i creat user with id super and give him super roll with all permissions but when i creat custom form or report and need to save this form or report messagebox show you did not have permission to read...
  • RTC Connection Error

  • The server "net.tcp://localhost:7046/DynamicsNAV/Service" is either unavailable or your connection has been lost. Do you want to attempt to reconnect?

  • Which Dynamics Platform?

    I know this is a loaded question, but which Dynamics platform is best suited for which business? I have been trying to figure out the differences between the products. I had hoped that this would be documented somewhere, but I have been unable to find...