• Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV - FAQ - Hot Links

    One of the most frequently asked questions is how to get started programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV. MVP has made a video about just that. First part together with long time DUG member .

  • Directions ASIA and NAVUG Summit EMEA

    It’s not conference season and yet .. I have never been this busy during this part of the year for conferences. That must mean that new stuff (conferences that is..) is coming up. Let’s spend a very short blogpost on what’s coming up for me..…

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Source Code Analysis – Triggers & Procedures

    On my last blogpost on Source Code Analysis (which focused on the LineCount), I got the remark whether it would be interesting to drill into “statements”. I didn’t really know what he meant with it – but it made me think and drill down into the usage…

  • How to customize inventory reports?


    I have been thru the DUG archives but I havent found what I am looking for.

    That is how to configure the inventory so that I can have alternate maps/reports, other than the standard inventory valuation report.

    Moreover, i want to have…