• Conversion of numeric valus into English words.

    Hi all,

              Can anybody please tell me is there any method or class which can convert the numeric value to english words in AX. For instance 12000 to English words 'Twelve thousand'.

    If such a method or class is not present in AX then kindly send…

  • Hi I am new to Axapta..........please clear my doubts

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    What is the meaning of the following terms ? 

    record            = args.record();

        parmEnum          = args.parmEnum();

        callerForm        = args.caller();


    In Args, how we assign Table name ?

  • How to save report data to excel file steps?


    anybody know the steps to save report data to excel file.

    i tried with printjobsettings() in init method but its not working for me 

     (   this.printJobSettings().setTarget(PrintMedium::File);