• Dona Sarkar's Homework

    At the end of Dona's amazing Keynote (https://dynamicscon.com/agenda/keynotes/#donakeynote) she assigned us all 4 homework items. 

    1. Connect with her! (https://www.linkedin.com/in/donasarkar/)

    2. Tell us who's the person you'll help.

    3. Tell…

  • Who's looking forward to this week!

    Really excited for this week with DynamicsCon happening. Some very exciting speakers on the lineup, with some great topics! 

  • Links from my session today! UI Controls & Config Tools to Enhance User Adoption

    I really appreciated the excellent questions and discussions. If anyone has more thoughts, questions, etc, feel free to post them here or reach out to me at @CRMHeidi on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn!

    I had some questions about links that were…

  • ClickLearn is here to answer your learning materials and user adoption questions!

    I hope you had a chance to join us in our session today and if you have any questions, comments, concerns (emotional outbursts!) please just shout out here!