• Add Field to Report?

    I am trying to simply add a field to the SalesInvoiceReport. I added the field to the SalesInvoiceTMP table. However, when I edit the report object, the data source is not bringing in the field that I added to the table. How do I get it to show up?

  • AX 2012 RDLC Report Deployment Error


    When we try to deploy the RDLC report from Visual Studio 2010,Its giving the error as

    Error 2 An error occurred : Access is denied.

    If User Account Control (UAC) is enabled on the machine, close the application, right-click the application, and…

  • Axapta Payroll module

    Hi all,

               I want payroll module in axapta please can anybody help me.

  • Create a new Item in InventTable through AIF

    Hey plz help me out with this problem,

    i m unable to create new item in item master through AIF,

    i have implemented EcoResProduct service for creating a new product and after that i m adding a new item to that product, but the exception is regarding…

  • Discounts Confusion

    Hi All,
     Even I gone through the  manuals I could not able to understand the functionality of Multi-line Discount and Total Discount.
    I request you to please explain with one example how can it differ .
    Thanks in advance.
  • Document handling on posted price journals

    Is it possible to attach documents to already-posted price agreement journals? The small attachment icon is active for posted journals, but when I click on it, I am unable to attach new documents. Is that right? I am in AX 2012. Our purchasing team wants…

  • Downloading forms, reports, minor customizations for Dynamics AX?

    I am planning to release forms, reports and minor customizations that are downloadable off of my company website for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 and Microsoft Axapta 3.0.
    But before I do this I would like a public opinion:
     1.  Would a company be willing…
  • Dynamics AX 2012 Quarantine & Pallet tracking issue


    I am using AX 2012 and trying to process an item that has an Item Model Group with Quarantine management ticked, also Storage Dimension with Site, Warehouse, Location and Pallet ID ticked.

    The process as I understand it is as follows:

    Create a…

  • Dynamics AX 2012 SSRS Report Development without Visual Studio


    Is it possible to develop or customize SSRS report in 2012 without Visual Studio installed? (If so, we'd like to use Report Bulider instead.)

    Thank you.

  • How to model an oven with fixed capacity as a resource in AX?

    Is it possible to model an oven in a dry operation as a resource with fixed capacity (10 cubic meters for example) where different products with different volumes could be allocated at the same time if there is capacity in the oven?

    This is a very common…

  • Installing AX on local machine.

    This is what i get when installing AX on local machine..

    You are logged on with a local computer account 'IMRAN-PC'. You must be logged on with a domain account to run Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup.

    how to solve this any ideas? Thanks

  • Manual Voucher numbers in A/R -Payment journal


    I would like to use manual voucher numbers for the A/R- Payment journals.

    All other modules and journal names will continue as it is.

    I did the following

    1. GL -Parameters-Check for continous numbers= OFF

    2. Created a new journal name and attached…

  • Remove a posted invoice line

    Hi all,

       This is my first post here so I hope I'm not writing in the wrong location here. Anyway;

    I am trying to remove a posted invoice (not reverse, but remove). Background:

     - a Purchase order was made in 2011-11
     - an invoice was posted on 2011…

  • Stand-alone AOS installation on Windows 7 and SQL Server 2008 for AX4.0

    I want to install 4.0 (or 2009) on a stand-alone PC.
    It worked well with WIndows XP (I had a workaround to solve the domain issue: change computername in the registry so the setup thinks the PC is connected to the domain).

    I have installed a brand new Windows…
  • VAT Adjustments

    Can anyone help me?  How do I make a VAT adjustment Dynamics AX 2012?  I need to put an adjustment for mileage Scale Charges.  I have been told that you cannot make VAT Adjustment unless they go through a bill process.  This surely cannot be correct as all…