• Accounting layers

    we have three accounting layes in ax..


    can we add one more layer ...

  • How to make a customer inactive in AX 2012

    Hi All,

    We need to make some customer inactive in Customer's list. but we dont want them to be deleted, just make them inactive, we are using ax 2012




  • Invoice now Deliver / Receive Later


    I am sure many have come across this in AX , how is it possible to invoice the full quantity of a sales / purchase order now independent of delivery / receipt which  would follow on later



  • Labels not showing up in SSRS report


    I've successfully installed and configured SSRS to develop reports in AX2012. I made some modifications to SalesInvoice, deployed it and the modifications work. However, when I run the report from AX2012 the labels show as Labels!@SYS13864…

  • New Bee- Business Connector


    I wanna connect asp.net page to Ax 4.0

    How do i go? i tried as mentioned in the document it is failing to connect and in event view it says Business connector service stopped. How do i restart it?

    Please guide.

    Thanks in advance



  • Please tell the opening balances master tables for GO live

    Hi All ,

     Before going Live,To Migratebalances from Legacy System to AX 2009 , Can you share me the minimum required fields and tables  Import process of opening balances of subledgers ( customer , vendor , item , bank , FA .) in AX 2009 through standard…

  • Posting layers


    In AX 2009, if the client need to implement parallel accounting, they should use positng layers. However, does that mean they need to post three times for one single transactions to achieve that?


  • Reading Data through SQL Data Reader in AX 2009



    I am using the following code in AX 2009 to read the data, fetched from database and want to assign it to a variable but i am not able to do so...

    Please anybody can help me beacuse it will help me to complete my task.

    I need help on the bold…

  • Reques for qutation


        I want to raise one request for quotation for various purchase requisitions...

        How can i raise like that

        please give me the solution...

  • Reservations & Marking

    Can someone describe these features to me?  We are  having issues with this in our implementation of ax 2012 as it seems new production orders are reserving their materials and then purchase receipts cannot be completed due to the reservation.

    Also, when…

  • RFQ in Purchase Requisition Work Flow


    I have been Trying to Complete the Purchase Requisiton with the Help of RFQ, But It's not Happening,

    Is anyone has Complete Process of Purchase Requisiotion Starting From PR Submit, RFQ, Approval ,and Automatic / Manual Purchase Order.


  • Specifying Ledger Account??

    Hi Guys!!

    If I post any journal, It will hit some Ledger account in General Ledger??
    My Question is ??
    How & Where to specify the Ledger account??

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  • SysCompare Form


    ive got this kind of situation - all information i have is a path and an objects name, for example \Classes\ and the class name "classClass", the thing i need to do is: i need to call SysCompareForm with the object i could specify with this information…

  • Visual Studio 2008 Reporting Tools for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 question

    I have been using SSRS for a few years.  Now I want to create a report using Visual Studio 2008 Reporting Tools for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.  I know very little about AX 2009.  I just want to create a simple dataset with a sql statement like I did with…

  • Wants New Date

    Hi All,

    (Question going to ask is already asked in this group, but still dint get satisfactory answer)

    How can I get date in this formate: Day,Month,Year //....means I need comma as a saperator...//