• How to insert a value in the next cell( right) of the Active Cell in Excel

    Hi All,

          I want to insert  some value in the excel in the cell which is right to the active cell.

    In my excel i have data  Of Range  A5 to A10. and i want  to insert amounts in the right cell of each cell in the Range A.

    My idea is to search for the particular…

  • Navision VB Integration


    I want to integrate Visual Basic with  Navision 4.0 Database

    I have created DSN & now trying the connection thru ODBC,

    If someone have do it earlier then please help me out.


    Ashish Bhardwah

  • ODBC

    Former Member
    Former Member
    Can anyone give/show me a simple example of writing to navision from excel via ODBC? For example, inserting a new record into a table?

    Thank you.

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  • ODBC Inside Navision

    Can anyone help me with some proposal!

    How could I get data form other database by ODBC?

    Actually, i have to get invioce from Oracle database and then post it.

    With regards,
  • Question : Where used object?

    Hi folks,

    Anyone of you knows how to obtain where used object?
    For example: I have an object id table 156 (Resource), and want to know objects use table 156 (Resource).
    and I'll get a list like form id 76 (Resource Card), etc.
    Currently I only know, this…