• Days of Knowledge – New BC Conference in Denmark

    There was a time when most of the big international Dynamics NAV conferences were in Denmark. Especially before Microsoft. But for a good number of years all the Danish and Scandinavian NAV professionals had to go far away to get to their knowledge updated…

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central: What is the best feature?

    So now that Dynamics 365 Business Central is live, then I'm sure that you have gotten a peak.

    Either via one of the many blog posts, webinar or videos on YouTube. There is already so much documentation about Business Central. Most of it also already…

  • Reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Hi All,

            Can you please clear my doubts regarding Dynamic 365 business central reports, it can be developed in AL or Power BI and  how to make a reports for business central Dynamic 365 business central 

    Thanks in advance