• Does any one use the search button Before they ask a question?

    Well we all know the scenario, a user (often someone new to the site though maybe not new to Dynamics), asks a question that has already been answered 100 times. So we see the usual replies of "use the search function"

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    Well in answer…

  • Downloading forms, reports, minor customizations for Dynamics AX?

    I am planning to release forms, reports and minor customizations that are downloadable off of my company website for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 and Microsoft Axapta 3.0.
    But before I do this I would like a public opinion:
     1.  Would a company be willing…
  • MS Dynamics NAV End User Developer License

    Hello all,

    I work for company who wishes to iuse Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  I am a complete beginner to this product so if anyone could provide me with links to information about this product please do.

    The question I am asking is : Do you have to get Microsoft…

  • Posting Group

    I m a bigner in MS Navision.Can anyone can explain me what is a posting group???
  • SQL2005 4SP2 Client & 3.70A database converted from 2000 and WORKING

    There are various post on this forum addressing SQL2005 and its issues. I mainly had problems with security and windows logins. Here, in brief, are the steps I followed to make it work:

    Before: SQL 2000, Navision Client v4 SP2, Navision 3…

  • What do we call NSCs these days?

    OK, I am guessing that NSCs are no longer, so what do they call them now?