• DamjanZa

    NAV Consultant who is progressing into the developer to become a hybrid.

    Extensive LS Retail experiences from installation, setup and config of NAV and LS retail module with also 1 small project on BC.

    Currently working for a an end-user on construction…

  • Daniel Rimmelzwaan

    I've made my bones as a Navision developer (and designer, and business analyst, the usual additional stuff :)) for some of the largest Microsoft partners in the USA and as an independent contractor. My most important projects involved implementations…


    Dynamics NAV developer

  • Luc van Vugt

    Just before the turn of the century Luc stepped into the NAV world joining Navision Netherlands, training hundreds of developers of which most are still around.

    After Microsoft acquired Navision Luc joined the Dynamics localization team GDL as tester…

  • Palle Arentoft

    Dynamics NAV specialist