• Notifications in UI -NAV 2017

    This is really interesting feature introduced in NAV 2017 as Notifications in UI.

    NAV 2017 comes up smarter way to send notifications to the UI in Web Client .This will provide notifications to the user about what is happening in transactions.

    This will…

  • RE: Nav 2016: Page with action reports

    Hi Rami,

    My senior technical consultant found a good way to do this. You can make a list page that look like this:

    Container - Subtype: ContentArea

         Group - Subtype: Group

               Group - Subtype: FixedLayout

                      Group - Subtype: Group


  • Any idea if there is some kind of User tracking or audit function in Nav?

    I haven't been able to work that out and we found a sales order where the line discount changed between the last time the sales order was archived and when it was invoiced

  • RE: Indent a cell when exporting to Excel

    Hi Don Saito,

    Have you tried Solution ,if Not Try this Its Working ...

    XlWrkBk := Xlapp.Workbooks.Add(FilePath);

    XlWrkSht := XlWrkBk.Worksheets.Item(1);


    Let Me Know If You Need Any Help
  • RE: Indent a cell when exporting to Excel

    Hi Don Saito ,
    As Jonathan said There is Possibility But you cant Achieve it through Excel Buffer. Bit instead if you use "Interop" Variables then you can use that function i.e InsertIndent Function
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV User Group

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/Dynamics NAV user group for users, professionals and partners. Help or get help in the forums. Browse our blogs or learn from many other sections with useful resources.
  • We are not there yet - but we are working on it!

    This is the first post made on DUG after the website upgrade. The site is available but under different subdomain. Email is offline, so nobody gets notifications yet.

    I had expected to be much further by now. Despite I had tested a full run of the upgrade…

  • The "new" DUG is live!

    Dear member,

    Yes we are live. To be fair, then I actually opened up the site for login yesterday afternoon, approx. 26 hours after I took it offline. I also posted a "preview" message on Twitter.

    The next couple of weeks it will be like when…