• How to become a great Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer: Which tables to use?

    Coming from a different development environment, then you will often bring your habits of doing development with you. And when met with a requirement then you think that the way that looks the shortest is the best and easiest. With NAV (or for that matter…

  • Microsoft PartnerSource NAV Favorites (updated)

    Partnersource is Microsoft's closed site for their partners to gain access to everything from sales and marketing information, whitepapers, new versions and updates etc. But also their knowledgebase including a lot a listing of registered errors and issues…

  • nav 2013 customer ledger entries + sorting ?

    I want to sort the customer ledger entries in NAV 2013 in another sorting order for example in Sorting:  "Open,Due date"

    It won't change, why?

    Is this a bugg in NAV 2013? It works in NAV 2009 R2.

  • Posting Date Whse. Rcpt. ignored if earlier than Purch Order

    When we posting Warehouse Receipt, there is a condition that:
    If Posting Date in the Purchase Order is blank or earlier than Posting Date on Warehouse Receipt, then the Posting Date on Purchase Order is set equal to the Warehouse Receipt.

    Code: Select…