• Alex Chow

    Actual Join date May 2002

  • Anna Perotti

    I've been a computer programmer since 1973. My first paid job was in a fashion company on IBM System 3, starting as a junior programmer and going through all steps up to IT manager in the same company, where one of the first TP applications in S/3 environment…

  • Daniel Rimmelzwaan

    I've made my bones as a Navision developer (and designer, and business analyst, the usual additional stuff :)) for some of the largest Microsoft partners in the USA and as an independent contractor. My most important projects involved implementations…

  • David Singleton

    I started working with Navision as an End User. That was on ver 3.04 on OS/2 and DOS. That company eventually became a Navision reseller, and I joined PC&C to create NTR's (Navision Territorial Representatives) in Central and Eastern Europe. I then created…

  • Jörg A. Stryk

    • 1977-1990: School
    • 1990-1996: Army (1st Lt.)
    • 1996-1998: IT Training
    • since 1998: Business School, IT-Assistent
    • 1998-2000: NSC, Project Consultant/Developer
    • 2000-2003: "Inhouse NSC", Administration/Development/Projectmanagement ERP
    • 2004-2006:…
  • Luc van Vugt

    Just before the turn of the century Luc stepped into the NAV world joining Navision Netherlands, training hundreds of developers of which most are still around.

    After Microsoft acquired Navision Luc joined the Dynamics localization team GDL as tester…

  • Vjekoslav Babic

    Vjekoslav Babić is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV expert, consultant, and architect with ten years experience in the IT industry and six years experience delivering project success on large-scale, high-risk, and international implementations of Microsoft Dynamics…