• AX CRM Business Relation

    Is it possible to copy or transfer AR Customer to AX CRM Business Relation?

  • Axapta from a Navision users point of view.

    Hi all, 


    this is not a new topic, but one that we never really have a resolution to, and probably we are not likely to see an answer to, but I would like to discuss it again.

    I am working with a company that were ready to implement Navision, the driving…

  • dimension group > Primary stocking

    Hi All,

    Mine's environment using storage dimension of batch and serial number. We using the batch to define the item expiring date and record each item with a (repeating) serial number. In the sales order line, the item need select "batch" and "serial…

  • How to assign indirect costs in production

    Hi all,


    Could you please explain ho to make setup for attaching the indirect costs to appear in the costing sheet of the production.




  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Test Drive - New Website

    Found a new website. Some people might be interested.

    You can take NAV for Test Drive on a Virtual Lab or watch the videos.


  • What is the sequence of importing data for employee

    Hi All,

    This is my first attempt to import data for employee in Ax 2009.

    Can you please guide me that what is the efficient way and the in correct sequence of importing data to employee.

    As I understand, first need to import data to DirPartyTable,…