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I have been working on Navision development for 7 years now. I recently got job offer which i can work on oracle. Is it bad idea to leave Navision for good?

How Navision is as permanent career choice?

I need to make choice. By the way I have no experience in Oracle.



  • Can't go wrong with a good Oracle job, that's a really good field to be in as a developer. If the salary is good, and they have good career prospects it would not be a bad thing. If you are used to small teams though, you might have to adjust a little bit. Oracle projects tend to be for much larger implementations than the average NAV implementation, so you will likely be in much larger project teams that are much more structured. 

    On the other hand, you'll have to start over. Having 7 years of experience gives you some seniority, which you'll have to build from the bottom up with the new job. Also you have to consider if you like what you do. Money is one thing, but you have to be doing something you like to do.

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    I like Daniel's reply.

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    Thanks Daniel and Yukon, I would like to have more input on this one please.



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    What if its functional side of things? not the development?

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    The same thing applies, any job in the Oracle business (assuming it's with a good company) is good, there are many things to do in that business, just like in NAV, with tons of opportunities worldwide.

    If you are a developer you will probably have big problems adjusting to a consultant role though, so I'm not sure if you would be successful or not by switching from development to a functional role. Doesn't matter really, if you start with something new you have to learn everything. 

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    Thanks for answering again. Its true that coming from technical/development I am bit struggling with the current role as I am required to think like Functional person. Previously I have been programming,coding, installing, integrating and fixing bugs. Now this is new to me and on top of that its different product. The Oracle EBS(E business Suite) is quite larger than Navision.

    I had accepted to work here where I am currently working is due to the fact that I always wanted to work on other product, that is other than NAV and specifialy Oracle or SAP. As these ERP products are much bigger than NAV and NAV is much easier to implement, easier to program and its smaller product for SME markets.

    So therefore I always thought that people who are working on SAP or Oracle are smarter, more intelligent, work with large and famous organizations plus make alot more money than a NAV person. Hence I always thought that SAP or Oracle career was more promising, interesting and rewarding. This is what I only thought , I could be thinking very wrong.

    I have an option to go back to my NAV development job so I do need to decide and infact soon.  

    Please comment.  


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    Nah people are equally smart (or equally dumb) wherever you go Big Smile Intelligence is not related to the product that you work with. There are extremely smart people working with NAV, and there are extremely stupid people working with SAP/Oracle. If you want proof ask yourself whether you became smarter when you switched or not. 

    About earning potential, it feels like you are looking for free money, which is the wrong way to look at it. There is a fair bit of luck involved in running into the right opportunity at the right time, but it will be up to you how much success you will get based on how hard you are willing to work for it. Your focus should be on getting better all the time, and money will follow automatically. If you look at money alone, you will find yourself failed at some point.

    Success is mostly related to expertise and skill, which can only be obtained by working hard. If you want to be better than everybody else, you will have to work harder than everybody else. It really doesn't matter what you do, as long as you do something that you enjoy, and as long as you always look for getting better.

    Hard work is the key.

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    Thanks Daniel again fore replying.

    Thats completely true that very intelligent people are working on NAV and I know some as well. It was just back in my mind only that as SAP and Oracle are bigger players in market, the people are in that are bigger in work/money sense as well. Also I agree that there is no substitiute of hard work and money does come along sooner or later.

    Thanks for your input again and I will inform here what ever I decide. :)

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    Nice discussion.  I like Daniel's post. It will give you the information you really need.