Inventory and Return Invoice differences

Why did my inventory item not get adjusted after I created and posted a RETURN invoice in Great Plains?  All the GL accounts are correct but the item was not put back into inventory.  I am still showing a quantity of 0 when there should be a quantity of 3.




  • You can check the details in Trail Balance Report. If you are not finding it still, i would prefer reconcile the modules.
  • Chnage the current inventory software with another best one which is easy to understand and easy to use. Lets try this one
  • OK. I answered my own question. When you select an sales invoice for Return you are given some options how that will post. You can post it to RETURN, or to ON HAND or to IN USE, etc. If you select RETURN, that is fine. But you have to do an inventory transfer from RETURN to ON HAND, otherwise your inventory will be off and this will do the adjustment correctly for GL purposes.