Fixed Asset Book with negative remaining life

Hi, an issue was raised to me about assets having a negative remaining life in its book window. Anyone here have an idea how it happened or what is the cause? or is there anyone who experienced the same scenario? appreciate the response. thank you.

  • Hello,
    I understand it is weird case where you have negative remaining life. My analysis steps would be,
    1) What is the calendar id assigned to it?
    2) when it was depreciated last?
    3)How this asset got created? Manually? Imported? If imported, what was the process? and what it looked like before importing?

    My correcting measurement would be,
    1) Recalculate the asset as by changing the Original life year.
    2) Reconcile

    Sometimes, data entry errors do happen and can't be traced back.

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    Thanks guruk2k5, I was not able to re-create what happened and I ended up just correcting the FA records for the client. Your correcting measures are correct and that's exactly what I did. After correcting the life year, FA Book will recalculate and I chose "life" to correct all depreciation entries.
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    I am glad it helped you. Can you verify the answer, so that it reflects on forum that this thread is answered.