Fixed Asset Calendar setup for GP 2015

Do I have a create a 2016 calendar if I am implementing Fixed Assets as of Jan 1 2017?  

I intend to use Dec 31 2016 as the "Depreciated to Date" on the BOOK as my client was using a third party FA product.  

Must I have a 2016 calendar setup?  Perhaps I use January 1 2017 as the "Depreciated to Date?

Just not sure if putting Dec 31 2016 on the BOOK is a problem when there is no 2016 set up.

Thank you!

  • Hello,

    Yes. It is mandatory to have 2016 setup for calendar in FA Module. In GP, you really can't assign an asset to a book when "Depreciated to Date " falls in a year for which there is no setup. As you are setting it to 01/01/2017 doesn't cause any problem. However to increase the understanding the depreciation of an asset, you can bring the depreciated amount from third party FA product and put it as acquisition cost.

    Hope it helps you.

  • In reply to guruk2k5:

    Thank you Gururaj. I will set up 2016.