Looking for a company to install/ implement

Hello- I am looking to make the move from quickbooks and purchase Microsoft Dynamics and BI 360. I got a quote from a local company @ $36k just for the implement and that is with my team doing most of the data transfer. Looking for recommendations on another company to do this install/ implement/ training/ etc( whatever needs to be done to get it up and running).

Unless this is the going rate? Any insight on that would also be helpful!


  • Hello,

    Can you please provide your email id/contact details, so that we can discuss more on this and move forward.

    Anil Kumar
    Skype - Anil1268
    Email - Anil1268@gmail.com
  • Hello,

    I need your contact details for recommendations company name, please share with us your contact details.
  • In reply to Michael Warne:

    Please check www.evinciblesolutions.com, we have a team to provide both implementation and support.
    You can reach me at almas@evinciblesolutions.com