Bank Reconciliations - Deposits not showing receipient's names


I am struggling with bank reconciliations - cannot find out why bank reconciliations don't seem to show names under "CLEARED TRANSACTIONS" for deposits that I've posted.

When I post in the bank deposit entry screen, it says that it is from Client XYZ, but when I tick off the deposit and reconcile the bank rec, it shows up as blank under "Paid To/Rcvd From"

Any help would be appreciated.



  • can you add print screen.
  • Dynamics GP includes a process which requires cash receipts to be placed into a deposit transaction in order to post to the checkbook. This feature exists in order to group those receipts in a way which aligns with your bank statement deposit entries. I do understand your question in that you would like to see the paid to / received from value at the deposit level, but which value would take precedence in a one-to-many relationship (deposit to receipts)?

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    Nick, what you're saying is that when multiple deposits occur, there is no name under the "Rcvd From" column? If that is the case, I can live with it.

    However, even when I deposit just from 1 single source, the name under the "Rcvd From" column is still blank. How do I ensure it is not blank?
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    Jeremy, I understand your question and wish GP did include more information to help reconcile. However, I don't believe that there is an active connection between the receipt "paid to / received from" value and the deposit.

    What methods are you currently using to reconcile you checkbook activity?
    - Is this a manual process?
    - If manual, have you thought about using electronic reconciliation feature?

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    Try playing around with the deposit number and deposit name in cash receipts; instead of using a number, give a name;
    when you go to check book register, click on the arrows that allow you to see more information, here you will be able to see who you paid and who paid you.