Customer item# Entry

We have a customer that wants us to print their item#s on the packing slip instead of our own.  I know that when printing packing slips you can check the box that says "print customer item" but I don't know where to store that information in order to get it to print.  Can it be entered somewhere in the item card?  I've checked every field and can't seem to find it.

  • Kristen,

    Customer Items Numbers can be entered by navigating to Cards | Sales | Customer Items.

  • In reply to Victoria Yudin:

    Found it, thanks!  However, I am still not able to get them to print on the packing list.  I checked the box that says "print customer item," but it is still printing our own item#s.  For some reason it works when I print orders this way, but not packing lists.  Am I missing something?

  • In reply to Kristen Cimo-Straub:

    You might be using a custom report that's not set up to show the customer items - do you know if your packing slips are modified/custom?