Kanban process in GP

Dear all,

what is best way to set up a Kanban process for replacing small c-parts like hardwares and fasteners at a work centre?
I am still a little bit inexperienced and looking for the best way to set it up with standard functionalities.
Here is what I have:

  • Work centre where a MO is executed
  • In the BoM of the MO screws and fasteners are issued from the work centre location (I cannot use floorstock expenses as I have to collect the value)
  • Correct qtys are in the BoM existing
  • Whenever one box of e.g. a screw is empty I want the warehouse to replace the Box

Thanks for your support in advance!




  • Hi Sonke, 

    As per my knowledge Kanban process is not  available in GP. 

    Its available in Microsoft Dynamics AX . 






  • In reply to Ameen:

    Hello Ameen,
    thanks for your feedback.
    A Kanban process is not available in GP, but I am looking for a feasible workaround.
    Thanks and regards,