Discontinued Items

Is there a way we can have the item marked as discontinued but still be able to put orders in until stock runs out?

Thank you

  • Katie,

    You can set your Sales Order Processing Setup Options to allow the sale of discontinued items.  This setting is found under Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Sales | Sales Order Processing, then click the Options button.  In the lower part of the window there are some options you can either mark or unmark.  The very last option in this list should be "Allow Sale of Discontinued Items."  Simply mark this checkbox and then save the settings.

    I hope this helps!


    Lyn Barr / Informed Systems, Inc.

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    Hi Lyn

    Marking the Allow Sales of Discontinued Item option allows sales transaction to be created for greater quantities than what is on hand resulting in a discontinued item being backordered. There is no prompting the end user that the item is discontinued.

    Is there any solution to this?



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    Hi, Tania,

    There are a few things you can do to address this. Even though users are not prompted that the item is discontinued, they should be getting prompted that there isn't enough on-hand inventory to cover the sale. Instead of simply selecting a Quantity Shortage Option out of habit, they could look a bit further into the quantity situation for the item.

    I realize that may not be practical, so what I would probably do is to create a SmartList with Reminder to alert me of any backordered items with Discontinued item types.  This sort of exception reporting is one of my favorite ways to use SmartList!  In SmartList, under Inventory >> Item Quantities, there should be a canned, pre-existing list called Back Ordered Items*.  You can add a search definition to this where the Item Type Is Equal To Discontinued, and then save that with a new name.  To save, click Favorites, then type in a new name, then click Add >> Add Favorite and Reminder.

    In the Custom Reminder window, select to "remind when" the number of records is greater than zero.  You'll get a reminder each time there are records in the SmartList, and you won't be bothered when there aren't any records!

    I hope this helps.

    If you're looking for a more immediate or elegant solution, there are ways to customize your windows, using a variety of methods such as modifier and/or vba. You would need to discuss that sort of thing with your Microsoft Partner, since they would probably be the ones to do that sort of customization for you.

    Good luck!



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    Hi Lyn thanks for the prompt response.

    It is normal for users to backorder items so I would not expect them to start checking every single one that alerts them there is not enough stock on hand. I have done some very basic customisations myself but may not be capable of this one without help. If that is not the path to go down the smartlst with a reminder is a good option.

    I will also look at a smartlist with reminder for discontinued items with a quantity on hand of zero which could now be made inactive.


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    Hi Lyn

    I will still do the smartlists with reminders for items discontinued with no quantity which now can be made inactive, but Angel on the forum post here provides a great solution that was there all along, I just never noticed!