Microsoft Dynamic GP 2015 - Word Add-in



Is anyone able to help at all? I'm trying to install the GP Word Add in for 3 people. They all have Office 2013 on Windows 7 machines.

I install the word add-in as my admin, which is simple enough, but it only installs for that admin account that I used to install the add-in!

I had logged in as the user, right-clicked installed as my admin account, but the user who is logged in doesn't have the add-in !!! It only appears when I log in as my admin account.

I have exported the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Word\Addins\Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.BusinessIntelligence.BITemplateMapping

and then tried to add to the registry as a user but we have policies that block users adding keys to the registry

Apart from giving the user admin access is there any other way round this frustrating problem please!!!!

  • Will, I had a similar issue which took weeks to resolve by Microsoft. The Word add-inn would not load. Do you see an error message when viewing the Word>Developer> Com Add-ins window? If that is the case then the issue was having many versions of Office installed that were not totally purge from my system. The resolution provided was to run vb scripts that purged previous versions then reinstall Office. Let me know if you are getting an error message in the Word>Developer>Com Add-ins window. Them provide your email address so I may send you the vb scripts.
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    Hi Bigboy0854

    Thanks for your reply, it's much appreciated. Unfortunately we don't get an error when viewing the com add-in window.

    Looking online it seems as if the installation is account specific "I also want to mention that the Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in for Microsoft Word is User Profile specific. Therefore, this add-in needs to be installed for each user that is going to be creating new Word templates and/or adding data sources and fields to existing Word templates."

    I think I have a work around under HKEY_USERS and adding the following details to point to the add-in

    New Key called Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.BusinessIntelligence.BITemplateMapping
    New String called “Description” – Value: Enables Microsoft Dynamics GP Template Mapping.
    New String called “FriendlyName” – Value: Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in for Microsoft Word
    New DWORD 32bit “LoadBehavior” – Value: 3
    New String called “Manifest” – Value: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\Report Templates\Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.BusinessIntelligence.BITemplateMapping.vsto|vstolocal

    Haven't tried it yet but hopefully will work !
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    Just to confirm that this has worked ! Bit of a fudge but least it works now for that user. Thanks.