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I have a user when they go to process monitor they have many hundreds of processes.  After 30 mins of deleting one at a time there were still what seemed like hours more till they were all gone.

Anybody have a script to remove these for a user?

A reboot on the local system and GP / SQL server didn't remove anything.


  • What are the processes? The real issue is to stop the process that is filling up the process monitor and see if there is a more efficient way to run the process. I would see disable customizations until I found out what was causing the problem and then call the developer, (I hope it's not me!)
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    Its not a customization. It's standard reporting:

                 Parables: Historical Aged Trial Balance Report



    There are hundereds of these.  The user said she kept running things over and over.

    I would like to clear them all so I can then monitor but doing one at a time would take hours.

    Any way to get rid of them with a script?


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    not really. if she doesn't have anything posting, the old three finger salute is about the only way to clear the process monitor. The local processor is not recorded in SQL. It's in the ctree files on the local harddrive. At least that's my understanding. You most likely don't have a ctree table editor.
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    That is what I thought but something different here. Booted the users system, SQL server and GP server and the processes won't go away. Dynamcis..Activity,master..sysprocess, sy01400, sy01300 are all empty. Yet, when the user looks at the process monitor there hare hundreds of process left. Not sure where to go with this?
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    are you looking at the local process monitor or a dps? If you rebooted her local machine, then that cleared the local processor. So if she is seeing the same items prior to reboot, it's likely she is looking at a dps monitor. If that's the case, you'll need to reboot the dps machine.
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    Don't use DPS.

    This is from the users local workstation running GP locally after this workstation was rebooted.


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    ASI are the smart lists. Me thinks you have some smartlist problems. Now that is controllable via the sql tables. However, I have not seen this problem and wouldn't know what direction to point you.
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    Also, I'm assuming you clicked the suspend button just to capture the window? If not, please hit the resume button and send me a million dollars ;-)