User Security Role

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How can I determine what security role a user should be to gain access to a certain feature or screen of GP?

  • there are ready roles and you should assign users based on the roles they have.
  • There is no set of rules to determine. Based on the Roles and responsibilities of the user, you can assign the Roles available.
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    Hi Michael,

    we suggest this product to help you setup quickly for security roles and alternate forms access which saves your time as well, if that helps you.

  • The security roles which are available "out of the box" are intended to provide a starting point for learning the security module and supporting the creation of security roles which meet your business needs.

    Having said that, you will eventually need to be able to investigate and fine tune your security roles to accommodate the access needs of your users. In the past, I've relied on the Support Debugging Tool created by David Musgrave (free download) to help identify the report / form name to be assigned in the security role setup. The free version will only work with version up to GP 2013 R2, if you are on a later version you will need to purchase the utility from Winthrop Development Consultants (product name is GP Power Tools Portal).