During Implemetation No Opening Trial Balance was Imported from QB



I work for an Ecommerce retail company that migrated from QB to Great Plains 2010.  Our ERP provider did not do the implementation correctly, and we have no opening balances in GP.  This implementation was done 3 years ago and I am trying to sort this out so we can move forward and fix our balance sheet.  We no longer have access to QB so we cannot re-import these balances into GP.  What are our options?  Should I book a GL entry of what could possibly be our trial balance from our go live.

  • What about sub ledger balances e.g.  below mentioned.. 

    1. AP

    2. AR

    3. Bank

    4. Inventory 

    5. General Ledger

    Do you have above data in excel? If yes then you can reload opening balance by integration manager.



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    I have no Cnk or Dat. file.  Nor do I have access to any of the historical Quickbooks data.  I have none of the mentioned above.  I have GJ entries that were booked into GP, that were supposed to be the opening balance 90% of those entries were reversed out for some reason.  So the opening balance is zero, which is incorrect.

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    If you do not have above mentioned data then finally you need to book by General Ledger. 

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    Please note, if you book by General ledger then it will not match GL TB with subledger such as 

    AP, AR, Inventory, Bank. 


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    I've got access to QB and am now mapping the COA and reconciling the TB from QB to whats in GP for errors. Thanks for all your help.

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    Cheers! You are most welcome!