GP2013 Web Client Installation Issue


I downloaded a Demo Virtual Machine with all the GP2013 functionallity installed, but the GP2013 Web Client is not working

The Session Central Service is down, and when i try to manually start it, i get the following error:

The GP Session Central Service service on Local Computer started and then stopped. some services stop automatically if there are not in use by other services or programs

Any suggestion?

I really appreciate your comments.

  • Looking at the Event Viewer this is the error description

    An error occurred during session central service initialization: 'System.Argument.Exception: Invalid Identity

    at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.WebServices.DirectoryServices.PrincipalManager.AddIdentityValues(String principalCollectionKey,IEnumerable1 identityValues)

    at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.WebServices.Session.Service.SessionCentralService.InitializePrincipalManager()

    at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.WebServices.Session.Service.SessionCentralService..ctor()'.

    Any Idea?


  • In reply to Jaime Barbosa:

    The problem was dynamics gp web client run time was not installed.