Email Server

We are running GP2015R2.  Have been for less than a year.  We would like to start utilizing email out of GP.  But there is the pesky message when clicking on Company Emil Setup;

Running Windows 10, with MSOutlook 2013 set as the default in Settings as the mail client.  I find set up screen for various messages.  But I do not find a broader setting for GP2015R2 being able to email out.  

  • Hi Thomas,

    Few questions to help assess this issue:

    1. Is this a 64 or 32 but install of office?

    2. What mail setting has been selected in the System Preferences form? Exchange or MAPI?

    3. Are you using GP in a terminal server environment?

    4. Have you selected a default mail PROFILE on the machine?

    Knowing this information will help to provide a solution to your problem.

    Thank you,