Cash receipts information

I am new to Microsoft gp eConnect . I need information regarding the what are all the related tables for   taRMCashReceiptInsert ,and if  our transaction contains more than  one payment do we need to create new record for each payment.

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  • You are aware that using econnect means you DO NOT need to know the tables.  The whole purpose of econnect is to give you an agnostic approach to pushing data into GP. 

    The main table you will find is the RM10201 & RM10101 tables.  Of course there are related tables such as the customer master and what not.

    you will want to create an array of the RMPaymentType for each cash receipt.  In the RMPaymentType you will create the cash payment header, (taRMCashReceiptInsert) and optionally include an array of the distributions, (taAnalyticsDistribution_Items).  That's just the minimum for creating a cash receipt.  You can also pass in the customer master and addres information.  I assume you have already found the econnect documentation on-line.  If not, get there. :-)

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