Sub-leger & GL discrepancy (GP2015 R2)

We had a strange sub-leger & GL discrepancy situation and but we would like to know the cause or if any hotfix is available for this. 

PO receipt/invoice was posted. For Item A, lot 1, 180KM was received, but this was missing in GP. (sub-ledger only). For some reason, Lot 1, 180KM for Item B was created on 10/16. (sub-ledger only). It seems system created lot 1, 180KM for Item B instead of Item A. Therefore, we run Inventory reconcile on Item A & B to fix the situation. Then, Lot 1, 180KM was created for Item A. But, Lot 1, 180KM remained the same for Item B. Therefore, we needed to reduce lot 1, 180KM for Item B by (Inventory > Transaction entry). By selecting the same inventory account on Debit, Credit sides, we were able to reduce the item B only on sub-ledger level without changing GL. We confirmed lot 1, 180KM for Item B was reduced on Receipt Inquiry window.

Please advice the cause or if any hotfix is available for this case.

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