New Dynamics GP Table Reference

We've created a free Dynamics GP Table Reference for the community, and we've added some extra features we think you'll like:

Query Builder

Use our Query Builder to create SQL queries for your reports by simply selecting the columns you want to include, and we'll take care of the rest.

Dynamics GP Table Reference

View Other Tables Using a Column

You can drill down and see what other tables a column appears in. So you don't need to know the complete table structure or have a database diagram with you at all times.

All Column Information Included

Simply search for the information you want from GP's database, and view everything you want in plain English. No code names.

Comprehensive List Of All Dynamics GP Tables

Whether you want to find table information about the General LedgerPayrollProject Accounting or almost any other module, you can find it here.

Using The Dynamics GP Table Reference

Creating queries and finding the information you need for your reports has never been easier. Simply head over to the Dynamics GP Table Reference site, search for the table or column you want, select the table and build the query you want.

So, start using the most comprehensive table reference for GP now.