eConnect .net with 3rd party WennSoft

Hello fellow Dynamics Devs-


I've created a solution from .net c# that utilizes eConnect service to insert records for a screen, Payables Transaction Entry. Everything works fine. I'm trying to extend the functionality with a third party application Wennsoft. We use a modified form in the distribution subwindow now and I'm trying to include this functionality in my existing eConnect solution for GP. I have done some research and have come across Smart Connect, but what I'm trying to do is this in my .net solution. I've come across the pre post methods for Wennsoft, but I think besides calling this sproc to run the extended modified pre post methods, I need to use Smart Connect? I think besides this Smart Connect, Wennsoft or any other third party solutions just are not supported with eConnect? The only way I can think of inserting the third party fields, I would have to run the sprocs in my c# application? Which would ultimately just be a hack? We've already done one to support inter company transactions. Any insight or advice would be appreciated. I just don't think this is possible and eConnect is limited to just GP fields?


thank you