Visual Studio Tools for GP. Has anyone else notice some procedures don't fire off the events?

For Example, try to watch the Dynamics.Forms.CmEftFormatSetup.Procedures.GenerateEftAddenda.InvokeAfterOriginal event.  It never fires.  Even though I Know it does withing GP.  I even piggy backed my own trigger off of it with the same parms and DAG'd it out into my project.  it too fails.  I think its something to do with the parms, because if I piggy back off my Trigger and feed only simple parms, it fires.


DrbEftProcessingHelper.Procedures.TrigGenerateEftXmlAddenda.InvokeBeforeOriginal += new TrigGenerateEftXmlAddendaProcedure.InvokeEventHandler(TrigGenerateEftXmlAddendaProcedure_InvokeAfterOriginal);

DrbEftProcessingHelper.Procedures.GsHelper.InvokeBeforeOriginal += new GsHelperProcedure.InvokeEventHandler(GsHelper_InvokeBeforeOriginal);


The TrigGenerateEftXmlAddenda script in my dex app simply calls the GSHelper and passes an integer from TrigGenerateEftXmlAddenda.  the GSHelperProceder event fires and hands me the correct value in my VS app.