Free Modern Word Templates

Tired of your current boring Invoice templates and wish you could spruce them up a little bit? Well, now you can. Download these templates and make sure the last impression you leave is a lasting one.

These set of templates have been thoroughly designed and have been created for real-world clients. They offer a professional, modern and crisp way for you to represent your companies brand.


Corporate Template

This template was created for a premium foods distributor of high-quality Spanish delicacies. The main name has been changed.

Creative Template

This colourful and creative template could work for any sort of design or creative agency, freelancer, media company, studio. All templates can be adapted by us for any corporate or creative use.

Professional Template

This sample identity features specially reserved areas for international characters, such as Asian or Arab compliments, to the mainly English documents. Making this a flexible design for companies working from foreign shores as well as purely English-speaking businesses.

Standard Template

This sample invoice is for a fictional photographer/photo editing company, but the logo can be replaced easily which makes the set/identity easily adaptable for any sort of professional use, be it a small personal business or a larger corporate enterprise.

Standard Template With T&C's

This invoice is the same as the previous but includes a page at the end of the document for your terms and conditions.

Don't let your outdated templates give off the wrong impression to your clients. Make sure your brand is perfectly represented with these modern templates. And if you are thinking of rebranding, contact us and you can work with our in-house designer to create the perfect identity for your business.