Extender fields and SQL implications.

We have an installation of GP 2015 and have recently extended its use to the whole corporation as opposed to just using it for accounting.  Out implementation partner has made extensive use of Extender fields on most screens with the majority of data being on those fields.  We are seeing huge performance issues on the client side, and upon examination it appears the database server is working extremely hard.  What I have found is we are doing a tonne of Full table scans, and most of the queries doing so are in Extender tables.  So my question is, when using extender fields in GP should consideration be given to creating appropriate indexes in SQL Server so as to avoid full table scans?  When looking at perf mon on our SQL server our Full Scans/Sec to Index Searches/sec ratio is in the area of 1:20, as opposed to MS best practice of 1:1000. 

Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Nick,

    The short answer to your question is, yes. You should carefully consider the impact of data / reporting when adding new fields via extender. Extender has been around for a while and this issue always seems to come up. Have you tried using the SQL profile trace and optimizer to ID possible performance updates to your tables? Does your current DB maintenance plan include updating / rebuilding indexes on a routine basis?